Selected to produce a piece for PBS’s Washington Week, I was honored to have been featured on the site’s “Voice of the Voters” segment, where I explored the battleground state of Florida; a state for most candidates to gain serious ground in electoral numbers. No time was this more obvious than in the race for the White House.

With the latest discourse on what have been dubbed as “women’s issues” surging through the national, state and local levels, questions arose as to what mantras women voters were taking into the booths with them, and in particular, what young women were thinking prior to casting their ballots for the next President.

In the piece, I take a look into how female students at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg were considering “women’s issues” – health (birth control, abortion, rape) and social (education, workplace opportunity,  equal pay),  and how these issues were influencing their vote in the presidential election.