Ever think of what it would be like to grow up with a foundation built in modern, fresh and – dare I say it – unabashedly commanding ideology, while being infused with ancient roots of a complex, often misunderstood culture? I know, it’s a mouthful. Welcome to my world[s].

As an Egyptian-born, American-raised modern woman, I write about the cross-over between Western & Eastern worlds as seen through the unique eye of the progressive young female. I tend to delve into my crazed melting pot of assorted experiences to help shape my unapologetic opinions; and meanwhile, I try to laugh through it all, which helps. A lot.

Born in Cairo, my Egyptian background has definitely helped sculpt my identity; as a both writer and a storyteller. There are many stories still left to tell, and many misconceptions to clarify about the Middle East. One of my sincere wishes is to be part of telling those stories, illuminating the truth and perhaps helping to change some minds – thereby bridging the gap between two worlds that I’m convinced simply just misunderstand each other. This misunderstanding tends to nurture a dislike that mystically transcends all logic. Kind of like the Dems and GOP.

Learn more about my formal training and background here.

The work still left to be done within this culture to advance its living standards and positively shift the rest of the world’s mentality regarding this greatly misinterpreted people is definitely a true personal challenge of mine. And it won’t be easy. But nothing really worth anything is.