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This. Is. Ridiculous.

US Congress rules that pizza is a vegetable · TheJournal.

And to add insult to injury, our American tax dollars are actually going towards this massive waste of time. No, no – by all means – there’s no need to worry about our economy, healthcare or education; let’s just concentrate on getting this pizza thing worked out. Priorities, people.

It’s great to know that our lawmakers are spending valuable resources on such critical issues – now if they’d only teach their counterparts on the other side of the world:

The upside: at least GOP candidate and Pizza Godfather, Herman Cain can confidently claim knowledge on this subject. Should make up for his lack of knowledge on Libya, Cuba and, well…everything else.


Since I keep getting requests from friends to share traditional Egyptian recipes and tips incorporating Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine into everyday American fare, I figured I’d finally indulge them. What can I say, I’m a dang good friend.

Growing up with that kind of culinary fusion really did – I believe – expand my palette, so my hope in contributing these interesting recipes is to do the same for my readers.

I will be posting a new dish periodically; sometimes in its most traditional preparation (just like Mom made!) and other times as a modern blend that embraces both the customary preparation and the intermixing of American flair.*

*To be honest, that’s “just like Mom made” too, since her ability to infuse tradition with what’s popular got us to eat every bite on the plate.

So get ready  to learn how to make some of the most incredible dishes from this part of the world, incorporate them with familiar foods, and hopefully impress your friends just like I did.


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