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So after all that’s happened internationally over the past 10 years, it looks like American Muslims are bouncing back – and polls are showing that they’re happier than they’ve been in awhile (post-911 discrimination anyone?)

Stats are showing that Muslims’ standard of living and optimism is reported as having improved since the last survey done in 2008. What does that say? Mainly that the Bush Era of right-wing extremism is beginning to wear off* from when the “blame-the-crazy-Arabs-for-all-our-problems” mantra was in high fashion. (Our combat boots and camouflage hunting outfit was completed by this oh-so-essential accessory). Crazy part is, even though they’re reporting that things are improving, Muslims are also saying that the discrimination has pretty much hovered around the same level – between crappy and a little less crappy. Even though predictions of Obama taking office were widely anticipated as potentially having a positive impact on Muslims worldwide, his gracious** world tour at the start of his term clearly didn’t help Americans ease up as much on their misinformed and ignorant treatment of Arab Muslims. Clearly some things are harder to change than others.

The good news: this same polling is revealing that American Muslims and their Jewish counterparts are actually agreeing on things – can I get a Salem!? how ’bout a Shalom?! – primarily their views on resolving the unrest spanning generations in the Middle East that. These two groups have long been at odds on a great many things, and to have a united footing on such a fundamental issue as attaining peace in arguably the most chaotic part of the world, is progress indeed. I just wonder how long it will take for the next group of Americans to be pulled out of our boiling melting pot and thrown on the back burner to be singed and isolated. We have a knack for that unfortunately, and as our history has shown, we like to spread this honor amongst all our fine minorities. Hey, at least we don’t discriminate in the way we discriminate.

Still, I do hope things continue to improve for American Muslims, and American minds become more and more open to learning about a culture and a religion that has been greatly misunderstood for so long. (and peace in the Mid-East would be super cool too!)

I recommend reading the LA Times article here


*at least a little. Still could use significantly more work I’d say.

**the word ‘gracious’ is being used with a thick layer of sarcasm here people.


I happen to adore Felonious Monk in a musical sense, but now I have a whole new-found respect for him politically. Refreshing is an understatement people:

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