So – I finally did it. I joined the world of the bloggers – the millions of [sometimes] creative writers who share their thoughts on-screen with the rest of the world, having no restrictions, no boundaries, no bars; just pure, unfiltered, uncensored…..well, stuff. I like stuff. I have a lot of it. In my head. (well, also in my apartment, but that’s a whole other mess)

I figured my maiden voyage (aka: first entry) in the blogging world would be a little hit or miss, and filled to the brim with unbridled I-have-no-idea-where-to-even-begin kind of energy. That being said, here goes. (wishing me luck at this point would be helpful, although luck and me haven’t been good friends for a while now. We’re still not speaking)

Ok, I have a story. And it’s chock full of laughter and heartache, triumph and tragedy. Admittedly, we all are on that roller coaster ride of life, but it’s time for me to actually document it. Reflect on it. State my opinions about how it can be better. Instead of just grabbing a barf bag and waiting in line only to strap myself in and do it all over again.

The real challenge will be the beginning. They always say just start at the beginning. But, when I first thought about what I should write, a flood of ideas gushed into my noggin’ and the beginning seemed hopeless to actually pin-point: I have so much I want to say! Life and love, dreams and nightmares, family and friends – hell, where can I squeeze in my views on politics? It seemed like an overwhelming task to simply even start. So, I thought the best solution was to let my trusty fingers do the walkin’. God, the Yellow Pages would love me right about now.

I truly am letting the thoughts pour out as they will – and so, as my first entry goes, I’m letting this be the welcome mat for a story that will progressively unfold; hopefully triggering something real for those serendipitous readers who have stumbled upon it.